Bead Regeneration

Desiccant bead regeneration instructions:

  1. Remove the canister from the black ridged tube and remove the canister holding band.
  2. Remove the solid canister end plate that has the protruding knob. The other end is permanently fixed.
  3. Dump the desiccant beads into a 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup. Do not use any plastic containers and do not microwave the beads while still in the canister.
  4. Place the beads in the microwave on hi setting and heat for 1 minute. Remove cup and stir beads with spoon. Use a paper towel to wipe away excess moisture from measuring cup side.
  5. Repeat step #4 two more times for a total regeneration time of three minutes.
  6. Allow the beads to cool to room temperature before reloading the canister

Caution : The desiccant bead temperature will rise to 100 C (212 F) or more during this process and bead to skin contact will result in burns. Do not exceed 3 minutes in total regeneration time.

Alternate Bead Regeneration instruction:

Place beads on an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet and heat in oven at 375 F for one hour. Remove beads and allow to cool before handling.

Recharging the canister: 

  1. Install the flat round filler cap on top of the inner small size mesh tube.
  2. Add beads to annulus by gently pouring on to filler cap.
  3. Remove filler cap, install end cap, and install holding band so that it latches onto the underside of the end cap knob. (not in the slots on the top of the knob)