1. How long will my canister charge last before it requires regeneration? Playing time will vary from piper to piper depending on the “wetness” of the blower (humidity) and the strength of the bagpipe (air volume). A good average range for canister charge life is three to four hours of actual playing time. 
  2. How will I know it is time to regenerate the desiccant? The sound quality of the pipe will become unstable and moisture will appear on the drone reeds. (It is normal to have a few moisture droplets form on the bass drone reed only after an extended play session) 
  3. What is the warmth I feel coming from inside the pipe bag while playing? This is the heat of adsorption that is released when water vapor binds to the desiccant.
  4. How may regenerations will the desiccant take? The exact number is unknown but in general, the desiccant is good for hundreds and hundreds of regenerations before it is spent.
  5. The fit between the ridged tube and the canister is loose. What do I do? The ridged tube may be wrapped with Teflon tape to achieve a secure fit or alternatively, ¼ inch of the smooth end of the ridged tube may be cut off so that “fresh” tube now fits the canister.
  6. What is the purpose of the ridged tube? It provides a robust yet fully flexible conduit to the canister. Secondarily, it acts as a moisture trap by capturing water in the valleys of tube. If you are a wet blower or play in a wet climate, it is advisable to remove and shake out the ridged tube to remove any moisture build up.