Installation with a Moose Valve

Moisture Genie installation with Moose valve:

Note: It is necessary to remove the Moose valve prior to installing the Moisture Genie.

  1. Hemp the knurled portion of the Moisture Genie flo-guide for a snug fit into your blowpipe stock. Black waxed hemp is highly recommended.
  2. Insert the flo-guide into the blow pipe stock in such a fashion that the surgical tube snorkel aligns with your chanter stock.
  3. Insert the Moose valve in the top of the blow pipe stock and adjust to a friction fit
  4. Push the Moose valve downward until it just touches the Moisture Genie flo-guide
  5. Use the Moose valve adjusting rod to raise the Moose valve 3/8 inch up the blow pipe stock. This allows clearance room for the flapper valve and maximum distance for the water trap effect of the Moose Valve.
  6. Use the Moose valve adjusting rod to tighten the valve into place.
  7. It is good hygiene to remove the flo-guide, snorkel, ridged tube, and Moose valve and wash with warm soapy water from time to time. It is good practice to inspect your drone reeds for moisture, and open your pipe bag each time after playing.

Canister adjustment:

The position of the desiccant canister in your pipe bag may be adjusted to fit your personal preference. Simply unscrew the ridged black tube from the flo-guide and trim length from the ridged end to achieve the desired result. Re-thread tube back on to the flo-guide fitting