JW, from Ottawa

I love it! It is so much easier than my last system and keeps the drone reeds perfectly dry, but with enough moisture on the chanter reed, exactly as promised. The drones sound brighter and are more responsive to pressure. Once I got used to the sound and pressure differences it has been great. I wouldn't go back. 

Graeme, from Ontario

Your system worked great! I am an extremely wet blower and at the end of 2 hours I had no moisture on my drone reeds or my chanter reed. Especially happy to get rid of all those hoses of the other system in my bag. Many thanks again. Very happy with how it went.


I have to say, I think the two of you have created something fantastic. I've been playing the system for about a week now, and I'm very impressed with how comfortable it is, how vibrant my bag feels, and how easy it is to maintain.

Dave H, from BC

So far, so good.  No issues for me to date.  It seems to work as advertised. Many thanks.